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TidyGrip Napkin Holder (set of 3)

$7.00 USD
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TidyGrip™ Napkin Holder (set of 3) $7.00

Did you ever sit down to eat a delicious spaghetti dinner at your favorite Italian restaurant and, after you were finished eating, you had a number of red spaghetti sauce spots on your shirt? Well, it has happened to me a number of times - more than I care to remember. No matter how careful I was - it never failed.

Well, one day as we were flying to California from Philadelphia we were upgraded to First Class by using our frequent flyer miles. The meal was delicious and I noticed that the cloth napkin had a buttonhole near one corner. Its purpose was to use one of your topmost buttons of your shirt and anchor the napkin so that it acts like a baby bib.

And then it struck me: Why not make a simple device that will convert any paper or cloth napkin to have a virtual strong buttonhole in one of its corners?

And the TidyGrip™ Napkin Holder was born.

After marketing the original TidyGrip™ Napkin Holder for a few years we developed a simplified version, completely flat!

This improved version consists of only one precision die cut holder, fabricated from vulcanized fiber. By locating two strategically placed slots of the proper dimension the napkin is securely held in place. Works equally well for paper or cloth napkins.

I suggest keeping one at home, one in your wallet, and one as a spare. Whether at home or in a restaurant I am never without it!


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