Embroidery By Linda

Mother to Daughter Handkerchief, Birthday,Graduation Gift, Embroidered 161S

$27.00 USD
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The bond between mother and daughter is one of the strongest types of love, and the knowledge a mother can pass to her child is immeasurable. For your daughter’s next big life event, consider an embroidered handkerchief. Rife with emotion, these handmade keepsakes offer love, encouragement and pride all in one delicate gift.

This particular handkerchief is meant for daughters, and is embroidered with the following sentiment:

Dreams for my daughter,
Live with purpose,
Love without fear,
Dream with passion
Live a life without regret.

This 100% cotton square hanky measures 13 inches. The main body of the handkerchief is framed by a lace border, and your choice of top and bottom accent embroidery. Please refer to the second picture for thread color options.
As with all embroidered hankies by EmbroideryByLinda, your order will come in a free gift box, and will be sent to any United States location with complimentary shipping.


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