Embroidery By Linda

Man up and stop crying, wedding handkerchief, bridal handkie, lace cotton hanky 200B

$26.00 USD
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Man Up and Stop Crying handkerchief is perfect for all the ladies that might start crying at your wedding. It can be done on a mans handkerchief also.
This soft bridal lace gives these beautiful handkerchiefs an old world charm. Our fine personalized wedding gift handkerchiefs are a wonderfully personal gift that will be treasured by the lucky recipient for years to come. In this fast paced, disposable world, a cotton handkerchiefs from Embroidery by Linda! offers a beautiful and environmentally friendly personal alternative for one of life's little necessities.

These handkerchiefs are great for Brides!

These handkerchiefs make wonderful personalized gifts for moms and grandmothers. A loving way to take care of the tears that shall certainly fall on your wedding day.
Colors of stitching is up to you. Made of washable cotton.

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