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Sexy Handkerchief - Funny Handkerchief - Hot and Bothered - 178S

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Experience Laughter and Blushes with Sexy Handkerchiefs!

Welcome to the world of hilarious surprises and romantic giggles, where ordinary gifts just won't cut it. Are you ready to bring an electrifying twist to your wedding day or anniversary celebration? You should get a funny handkerchief for your special someone!

Here are some handkerchiefs to help your laughter and partner's blushes come together in a playful embrace.

Funny Handkerchief: A Cheeky Surprise for Your Loved One

Picture the look on your partner's face when they discover the message, "I hope I always make you hot and bothered!" embroidered on this mischievous handkerchief. It's the perfect blend of humor and romance, making it an ideal gift for weddings, anniversaries or to add a touch of spice to your relationship.

R-Rated Embroidery

Our "Hot and Bothered" handkerchief features a humorous, R-rated embroidery of a man and woman in a classic missionary embrace. It's designed to elicit laughter, smiles, and even a blush. It's the gift that brings a spark to your relationship and leaves a lasting impression.

Perfect Size and Presentation

Measuring approximately 17 inches by 17 inches, this handkerchief is the ideal size for any occasion. Plus, we believe in adding that extra touch of elegance. Your "Hot and Bothered" cloth will arrive in a beautiful gift box, absolutely free. And to sweeten the deal, we offer complimentary shipping within the United States!

So, are you ready to share laughter, create unforgettable memories, and leave your loved ones hot and bothered?

Explore our collection of Funny Handkerchiefs from Embroidery By Linda. Order yours today, and get ready to add an interactive twist to your special moments!

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